Eliminate Hiding Places

The weather is slowly but surely getting warmer. That means snakes, insects and other pests will start seeking places to hide from the hot sun. It’s a homeowners worst nightmare to move a bucket or bin and find a snake curled underneath, or a nest of insects. Before the pests you’d rather keep outside start trying to find cool hiding places out of the sun, take a few precautions to protect your home from these little guys. Follow these tips and don’t be surprised by a coiled creature in your garage.

Cut The Clutter: A cluttered space is a haven for pests! They love to hang out under a pile of your stuff. Sort through your things and eliminate the things you no longer need or want. Try to ask yourself questions like, “do I really need this?”, “do I have other items similar to this?” or “does this still work?”

Get Everything Off The Floor: The best and easiest way to keep pests from hiding in your garage is to eliminate all of their hiding places. If there isn’t anything on the floor, their hiding places are suddenly gone! Use shelves or cabinets to get everything off the floor. Hanging thing up will help you stay organized and eliminate hiding places for those pests.

Maintain Your Organization: Use the one-touch rule to help you keep your organization plan in place. This means you put the item in your hand away the first time you touch it. Organization is an ongoing process and it’s easy to fall back into disorganization.

Just like humans, these little guys don’t enjoy laying out in the sun all day. They will start looking for places to hide. Don’t let that place be your garage!