Solutions for Families

I called PUGS because as my family has grown, the amount of clutter has increased as well.  Our garage was absolute chaos and I was out of options.  I felt like I had to climb over all of my kids bikes, scooters, soccer balls, etc. to get into my truck!  Fortunately, PUGS (and owner Derek Carter) has solutions for families like mine.  PUGS spent all day building custom shelving, racks, and hooks for our family’s specific needs.  All my expectations were exceeded.  The racks and shelving systems themselves are the best designed that I have ever seen.  They are very strong and easily adapted for changing needs.  The shelves are not “off-the-rack” shelves that you could by at a local store.  Each shelf is individually cut on site for the space needed (and what needs to be placed on it).  The installers are total professionals.  They know what they are doing and it shows.  In addition, I was very impressed that the owner of the company was at my house the entire time that the shelves and racks were being installed.  He helped me organize everything on the shelves and hooks throughout the day.  By the end of the day, The shelves, hooks, and racks were up…. and so was all my stuff!  It has definitely made my garage a more organized, efficient space for storage.  They even had a rack for the razor scooters!  My garage is not a stressful place for me to be.  Thanks, PUGS!

Sparkman FamilyAmarillo, TX